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Hi! I’m Shalaka, I'm an Indian born California based meditation and yoga teacher and a mom. 

I attempt to bring the basic Yoga principle of self-awareness in every one of my classes. Without self-awareness, we wouldn't know our way forward.

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Begin your journey in mindful movement or mindful stillness!

Weekly group classes

Make yoga & meditation a part of your weekly routine. Remember, if it's on your calendar, you're more likely to do it! 

Being a part of a dedicated group can hold you up to your accountability standards. 

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Workplace Mindfulness 

Support your employees or clients by offering mindfulness, meditation and/or yoga workshops or team events

Workshops can be customized to include

  • practical mindfulness skills
  • breathing techniques
  • meditation basics
  • mindful movement

Empower your team with 

  • stress reduction techniques
  • focus-enhancing practices¬†
  • mindspace for creativity
  • developing a personal meditation practice

(Offered online or in-person in certain San Franscisco Bay Area cities)

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1:1 Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Learn to meditate anywhere and retain it as a lifetime skill!

Meditation can help reduce anxiety, improve quality of sleep, promote creativity, support your relationships and much more. 

1:1 sessions create space to bring your goals to the forefront. In these sessions, we work on developing a routine that works for you. The flexibility of schedule also means that you are more likely to allocate this time to work on your future self. 

If you're finding yourself to be overwhelmed with all the options out there, work with me to learn simple but effective ways to create space in your mind.

(Offered online)

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1:1 Yoga Sessions

Invest in your health by practicing mindful movement!

Yoga can help improve your strength, flexibility, mobility, longevity and much more.

But if taught the right way, yoga also helps you find the mind-body connection that exists in you.

Why is mindful movement important? 

Your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act. i.e. when you move with intention, your body will respond accordingly and you will start seeing benefits pretty soon. 

(Offered online)

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Mindful Scrolling Workshops for College students

Empower your students with the power of mindfulness as they navigate the complex world of social media.

Workshops can also integrate practical mindfulness skills that help deal with daily stressors or anxiety depending on your specific needs. 

Brief Description:

Learn the art of mindful engagement on social media

  • cultivate a healthy relationship with social media
  • learn to scroll & share with purpose
  • foster positive body image & intentional connection
  • transform your feed into a source of inspiration

(Offered in-person in certain San Franscisco Bay Area cities)

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FREE Guided Meditations

Use your break to refresh and reset!

If you don't have enough resources to spend on learning to meditate independently or time for a group class, you can still listen to a guided meditation to receive the benefits.

Simply do your best to follow along the prompts!



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