Your teacher

Shalaka is an Indian born California based meditation and yoga teacher. 

Shalaka was a Silicon Valley software engineer by profession. She worked at Apple, Schneider Electric and other bay area tech companies for about 15 years. She has been a Yoga practitioner for over a decade. But the birth of her son led to some introspection in her life and made her seek out formal training in the practice of Yoga. It changed her life as she discovered her path to happiness. She's excited every single day to share this life-altering practice with others.

She aims to bring authenticity to the ancient yoga and meditation practices with her Indian background. But as a student of science, she embraces modern scientific studies with open arms and strives to remain up-to-date.

Her ideal world would have the perfect melange of eastern and western cultures. She uses strong foundational practices and makes them more practical and usable in the modern world.